Personal Care

What to expect from our daily home care:

  • Carers who will be there to support you as much or as little as you need, whether it’s once a week to multiple visits each day part

  • Support with personal care, such as bathing and continence care

  • Preparation of nutritious and well-balanced meals

  • Assistance with household tasks

  • Assistance in arranging appointments or outings

  • Transport and accompaniment to appointments or outings, e.g. medical appointments or trips to a club etc.

  • Assistance with medication

  • Heartfelt companionship

  • Newfound peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one is living safely and confidently in the comfort of their own home!

We value your independence

At Principles Recruitment Care Agency, we passionately believe in supporting your independence to live safely and confidently in your own home. Whether you need us once a week or multiple times every day, our daily home care services are completely tailored to you.

Some of our clients like us to pop by once a week to give them a welfare check and provide their loved ones with some respite, others like us to visit every day and we also have a significant number of clients with greater dependency needs like physical impairment, mobility issues, or memory loss – all of whom are able to live safely and confidently in their own home with the help of our Principles Carers.

Our care plans are completely flexible – we have the understanding that your needs may change over time and we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

This kind of support can range from:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning

  • Help with washing and dressing

  • Assistance with maintaining personal appearance

  • Help and support with toileting/incontinence

  • Getting settled in for the evening and going to bed

Dignity and Respect

We always preserve the dignity of our service user, ensuring that we take a warm and respectful approach to personal home care routines.

Our service ensures that individuals have privacy when they need and want it, treating them as equals, respecting personal preferences, lifestyle and care choices.

Supporting independence and choice

Wherever possible, and where it is safe to do so, we will let our customers do things for themselves. We encourage independence and confidence in being independent.

Our home care team will always respect those we support, offering a personalised service, and taking into account their personal lifestyle, culture, choices, and wishes.

Find out how our personal home care can help you today...

If you would like a chat, or more information about our personal home care service, you can contact us, to discuss your requirements at a time that suits you.